June 23rd, 2011

A Word on TV…

These are all the shows I watch on a regular basis. Damn I watch a lot of TV! 

I believe we are in a golden age of scripted television and I love each and every one of these shows. I also have my version of the “news” in here too which I also believe is top notch these days.  Also, looking at this in aggregate, I guarantee I am being targeted as man in terms of advertising.  Just another “hells yes” to online advertising

What I most love about watching TV these days is the connection with social and the internet in general.  I’m not one of the cool kids who go all internet on my TV, I am still hooked on cable- Comcast actually- but Xfinitiy is a pretty cool.  I have the iPad app that allows me to control my TV with the app- but it still drives me to a browser to manage my DVR.  I don’t really care though- managing my DVR from a remote desktop is plenty efficient for me.

On the topic of iPad apps I love ABC , HBO GO and Hulu to watch TV on your iPad.  You need a subscription to Hulu Plus and HBO to get access to those, but ABC is wide open- though the commercials are lamo.  HBO GO is pretty legit because they have been airing new episodes of Game of Thrones a week early on the app AND they are about to premiere True Blood with the next week’s episode RIGHT after the premiere airs.

I also am sticking with my old school apple TV in my set up.  With my 3 little guys who watch the same movies over and over again the new apple TV is pretty sucky- even with a Netflix subscription. 

In terms of iPhone apps & TV, I still stick with IntoNow as being a great app for sharing what you are watching- but they have a long way to go in terms of adoption.

(I also just realized that I put 30 Rock in there twice- that was on purpose. Tina Fey is my sista from anotha mista)

May 17th, 2011


Luke Dunphy: “Can I still play Plants vs. Zombies?”

Claire Dunphy: “Are you not listening?”

Luke: “But you learn about plants. And plants are life. Are you against life?”

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