April 11th, 2011

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Campaign

We just launched the Demi & Ashton Foundation’s media campaign to promote awareness of child sex slavery in the United States.  I never really understood how prevalent this issue is in our country, it seemed to me like this is something people in a far off land had to worry about, but did you know that there are between 100K-300K AMERICAN kids currently enslaved for sex in AMERICA?  I sure as hell didn’t, and as a Momma, I am appalled by that statistic. Furthermore, the average American girl forced into sex slavery in the US is only 13.  The global sex slavery market generates $32 billion in profits annually with 76% of these transactions happening ONLINE.

This is obviously a very serious issue and sunshine is the best disinfectant. So, the premise of the campaign is to generate awareness about this issue through an interactive video series.  We were able to secure a ton of celebs (Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Isaiah Mustafa, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Drake- just to name a few) to create funny videos about what Real Men do and what they absolutely don’t do, buy girls.  Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.  They all live on Facebook and you then have the ability to integrate yourself into the video, don’t worry you don’t have to film anything, you just authorize your Facebook profile to provide access to the app to scrape your profile picture.  You are then integrated into the end of the video, and as long as you don’t have a very unusual name, one of the famous female celebs will say “Mike is a Real Man” or “Jessica prefers a Real Man” pointing to your pic.

We have been working on this campaign for months and I have to say I am not only super impressed with both Ashton and Demi, but also the entire team of people who helped us get this off the ground.  A huge thank you to the team at Katalyst Films, Global Philanthropy and of course my kick ass team at Starworks Group.  That said, I assure you that Ashton and Demi did not just wave a wand to make this all happen.  They are two of the brightest, hardest working people I know and they really are social media strategists, they don’t just play them on TV. 

So the question is… Are you a Real Man?  Do you prefer Real Men?  

Go to facebook.com/dnafoundation and prove it! 

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