March 28th, 2011

Attention fashion publishers of the old school print world: you are lame.

Just to give this some context- has 1.8mm unique visitors and a more direct competitor,, has 200K unique visitors (really the same as  I am working on a media plan for a big luxury fashion client and I am astonished at the lack of REACH on, and  No wonder they are clinging to Comscore numbers- they are still so fluffed up based on garbage data, it’s making them look more compelling than they really are.  

Also of note, if you look at on Quantcast it’s showing on 5k unique visitors, but they aren’t “Quantified”, so let’s throw them a bone with the numbers.  

When launched in Sept. 2010, they sold a 5 way split sponsorship owning the site for well into six figures through the remainder of the year.  So, let’s assume they went on the low end and only dropped $250K per sponsorship, using the data on this chart and dividing by 5 for a 20% SOV- that means those jabroni brands basically had an eCPM of $763.59.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anna may not know how to run a website, but she sure knows how to make money from luxury.  I know the names of the brands who bought this sponsorship, but more interestingly- do you?  If you do, then the cost was worth it, but I would bet my last dollar you have no idea.  Probably because you read Vogue’s content on Tumblr and not on their actual site.

Anna… call me baby.

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