September 15th, 2011

Very interesting article about Community Managers in New York Post’s Page Six.  One of our community managers was also approached for this piece but she didn’t even ask for permission to be included and turned the opportunity down.  Want to know why?  

Because it is a BAD idea to put a face to your voice on social as a brand unless it is integral to your brand positioning.  What happens when these people leave their current position?  Will there be a backlash? Even if there isn’t, why even open up the possibility for that?  If you want great press, do great work and it will come- you don’t need this kind of press. 

We have taught her well and I am really proud to work with her. (and she runs circles around this crew- just saying) 

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    Aw, thanks Grambo! (I guess we have a page six; that’s usually where we put Shindigger.)
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    New York OBSERVER's Page Six??? Sure, that's a relatively innocent misprint on a Tumblr site, but I think it does...
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